me Playing - Duncraig Badminton Club


We play each Wednesday night at the Duncraig Recreation Centre from approximately 8-10pm.

Our club encourages all players to get a fair go and so we usually organise games. We have a mix of junior and senior players, usually experienced, and a mix of members and visitors. Our members pay $5/night to play while our visitors pay $12/night.

Whilst very few of our members are badminton superstars, we ask that new members have an understanding of the rules of the game, scoring, are able to play a range of shots and are interested in improving their game. Our players are typically Western Australian Badminton A-Reserve, B or C Grade and some social players.

We encourage new members. To become a member it is necessary that you have adequate experience, come to a social night, register and have a hit as a visitor. At this point, provided we can organise competitive games with you, we may ask whether you are interested in joining the club.

We host experienced players who are a mix of recreational and competitive levels. We use only quality feather shuttles.

1. General Rules

Please be courteous to other club members/guests.
Please register at the front desk by signing your name in the register.
Make sure your membership is active. If not you need to pay the visitor fee.
Visitors will be asked to register as a visitor and provide contact details.

2. Court Rules

Play with clean and non-marking shoes only. To avoid any injury, we highly recommend badminton shoes.
We play using the 21 rally point scoring and 12 minutes for game playing.
We will use our queuing system on peak nights.

3. Registration

Pick up your magnetic name label when you register.
Place your label on the white board (at a column) and wait to be called on court.
Please wait for your turn.

4. House Rules

We will use the 21- point rally system. Only doubles and mixed doubles games are permitted, unless attendance is exceptionally low and one or more courts are available for singles’ play. Equipment: Nets and birds are provided. Please bring your own racket, and wear non-marking athletic footwear.

Duncraig Badminton Club